About us

We fulfill dreams of academic excellence by connecting students with an independent tutors in real-time.

About Us

Klasshour is an instant out-of-classroom online edutech platform that connects students to solutions to classwork, and assignments, preparing students for internal and external exams through independent tutors scattered across the African continent. We believe that students' poor academic performance especially in Africa is much a result of the dilapidated status of the African education system, overcrowding lecture halls, abysmal student to lecturer ratio and we equally believe that more teachers in Africa are willing to help students get solutions to algebraic and other day-to-day academic problems.

To fulfill students’ dreams of academic excellence

Our Story

For students who value great academic performance or who are challenged academically, we provide instant out -of-classroom support that delivers great academic results through independent tutors in our virtual classroom.

Our Mission

To be a place where students anywhere across Africa get solutions to assignments, classwork, understand ambiguous points in their coursework, and preparation for exams and tests.

Our Vision

To fulfill students’ dreams of academic excellence


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